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Who is this for?

We invite you to consider if Equity Coaching may be a path that supports your capacities, skills and presence in your work position and environment. While we work with people across a spectrum of identities and staff positions, our offerings are primarily intended for:

People of color and white people in leadership and management who are working for equity in their organization. Equity coaching for leadership supports people to:

  • Unpack organizational culture, systems and practices.

  • Strategize together how to make needed adjustments.

  • Navigate nuanced interpersonal relationships in leadership and management roles within the organization.

Staff of color who are experiencing microaggressions. Coaching provides support to:

  • Cultivate resilience and nuanced navigation of racial dynamics in the workplace.

  • Strategically engage internalized oppression.

  • Develop strategies to identify and explore levers to challenge systemic inequities.

White staff currently in conflict regarding issues involving race. Coaching provides support to:

  • Explore nuanced learning and deep reflection.

  • Move forward with a focus on ways to engage interpersonal and institutional oppression.

Our Approach

Rooted in popular education, we always start where you are. Our coaching is based in an inquiry approach that leads to action, with concrete suggestions and an individual tailored plan.

Sessions are confidential, and grounded in trust. We begin with identification of the core issues or dynamics needing attention, and then unpack the contexts, assumptions and narratives surrounding them. This process generates questions to live into, actionable strategies, communication practices and specific pivots to move towards more liberatory realities.

While our Equity Coaching focuses primarily on racial dynamics, we take into holistic consideration how diverse realities, identities and experiences of power interact with race. Together we figure out transformative paths that honor the many dimensions of who you are.


Deep Dive

  • 5 ninety minute sessions. These in-depth sessions include considerable homework and two check-ins with other relevant staff. This format provides the greatest opportunity for addressing and transforming complex dynamics.

Timely & Targeted

  • 4 one hour sessions.  This shorter series is intended to provide specific support to figure out how to navigate a tricky situation, identify areas of stuckness and design a customized action plan.

Together For The Long Haul

  • 20 one hour sessions. Ongoing support over a year.

How to Begin

If you are interested in exploring the transformative potentials of personal coaching, please use the form below to contact us.

We will set up a free 30 minute consultation session to determine if this is a good match for you. If so, the next steps will be to identify a coach whose background and availability works with your intentions and schedule.  

We look forward to collaborating with you.