We believe all people regardless of their race, ethnicity or income deserve access to global education and global travel. We believe that as low-income people of color connect with each other across the world, global movements for social justice grow.

The world is increasingly global and interconnected and study abroad programs help people build the skills to navigate in a global society. However, people of color are disproportionately excluded from global study.

InSolidarity creates and facilitates global citizenship curriculum using participatory action research practices to make global education accessible and support global citizenship and diplomacy. Our Globalize campaign builds global education into the curriculum and programs of underserved schools. 


  • Going Glocal is in its second year at Emiliano Zapata Street Academy. In this year-long course, students study shared social issues with Guatemala and travel to El Paredon in the Summer!


  • In 2013 we hosted “Do Something”, a community event at Encinal High School to build cultural awareness and civic engagement.
  • In 2014, we supported alumni of Global Glimpse and Global Youth Adventures to conduct research into education access based on their experiences abroad and present their school with student-led choices for creating more access to global education.

Contact us to learn about how to Globalize your district, class, school or program.  We are eager to collaborate with educators who want to connect their classes to the rest of the world!