Our Projects


Embodying Change: Theater of the Oppressed for Community Action

Theater of the Oppressed (T.O.) provides tools for people to explore shared struggles, unpack their shared history and present situation, and then experiment with inventing a new future together. We use theatre and embodied physical practice to disrupt, transform, and design strategies to challenge internalized, interpersonal, and systemic oppression. Through gathering in public for an action or reflecting with our closest community members, comrades and colleagues, with T.O., we lift up invisibilized stories.


Health Justice Commons

Health justice is grounded in our collective right -- by the virtue of the incalculable miraculousness of being alive -- to feel at home and safe in our own bodies and for the systems and institutions which exist to care for our health to support and create the conditions to uphold this right.

Health justice means going beyond equal access to compassionate, affordable healthcare.  Health Justice centers Disability Justice and health pluralism. Be it Reiki or radiology, acupuncture or aspirin, the recognition that healing comes from many systems and cultures and that all experiences of health and healing are legitimate is essential.   



We believe all people regardless of their race, ethnicity or income deserve access to global education and global travel. We believe that as low-income people of color connect with each other across the world, global movements for social justice grow.

The world is increasingly global and interconnected and study abroad programs help people build the skills to navigate in a global society. However, people of color are disproportionately excluded from global study.