What We Offer



Curriculum 1: Coliberate: Creative community (and youth) led change.
Curriculum 2: Going Glocal: an inquiry-based approach to global education and planetary citizenship.


  • Basics: Curriculum, tailored webinar, coaching sessions
  • Essentials: Curriculum, Training for Trainers, coaching sessions
  • Comprehensive: Curriculum, advanced Training for Trainers, co-facilitation support, coaching sessions

Training & Coaching

Supporting groups to fully integrate Accountability, Equity and Racial Justice at every level of their organization through tailored trainings and individual coaching.


  • Tailored 1-2 day group trainings

  • Equity coaching and support for staff members (can supplement broader equity and racial justice work)

Community Engagement

For groups who want to authentically partner with those who have a stake in their project. Community-led Assessment, planning and design.


  • Community Engagement project design, facilitation and/or coaching

  • Town-hall Meeting ideation, planning and execution through Forum Theatre

  • Authentic Community Engagement Trainings for facilitators

Stakeholder Convening

Supporting networks, foundations, designers, and government agencies to connect and collaborate with the people who have a stake in their project.


  • Project development and agenda design and facilitation
  • Convening evaluation and feedback integration