ACTual Theatre of the Oppressed Troupe

(By Any Plays Necessary)

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PFCC’s Troupe is made up of 11 Bay Area based Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners who have joined together to support campaigns, organizations and movements with creative direct action, direct assessments and direct dialogue about the most critical issues of our time. We use a broad spectrum of Theatre of the Oppressed tools including Forum Theatre, Legislative Theatre, Image Theatre and Invisible Theatre.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Impact public discourse, legislation and campaigns.
  • Go deep and build with a smaller group of people as partners of Partners for Collaborative Change
  • Continue to grow and evolve our own transformative practice as Jokers (Theatre of the Oppressed Facilitators)

Forum theatre, our primary tool, is essentially a short play that dramatizes a real situation, with a terribly oppressive ending. After an initial performance, it is shown again, however this time the spectators become spect-actors and can at any point yell “freeze” and step on stage to replace the protagonist and guide the scene towards a better direction. Theatre becomes rehearsal for action.

"We Are Gathered Here Today; A Forum Play for Black Lives"                                   Our current project is an interactive play about police picnics, racial profiling, gentrification, media and incarceration as a driver of our economy. Most of the play takes place at a park in Oakland where a police BBQ and a vigil for a young Black man recently gunned down by the police are happening side by side. Audience members are invited to intervene in the play to transform whats happening. We then collectively unpack the generated ideas and design strategies for change.

For more about TO, visit our Resource Page.

We are here to work with you! Contact us to:

  • Bring "We Are Gathered Here Today" Forum performance workshop to your school, event or organization.
  • Support your action or campaign with an original forum or image piece.
  • Participate in a workshop or training for trainers in Theatre of the Oppressed.


Meet the ACTual troupe members:



MorganJade Booker is a Bay Area based theater actor, educator and activist. She graduated from California Institute of the Arts with a degree in Acting in 2015. She recently was in a production of Every 28 Hours which combatted the issue of police brutality in America, and another piece called What to Send Up when it Goes Down which also combats the stereotypes and inequalities faced by black people in America. She enjoys tea, Shakespeare, and the ocean among other things.

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Jamilah Bradshaw-­Dieng, director of "We are Gathered Here Today",  is a social practice artist, grantmaker, and community health advocate from Oakland, California. She's most interested in using the aesthetics of the oppressed to express a pleasure politics that could advance health justice globally. Granddaughter of Louisiana and Texas migrants who have lived in Oakland since the 1950s, she is also a yoga teacher and certified massage therapist.


Tatiana Chaterji is a restorative justice practitioner, youth organizer, artist and educator. She uses liberation arts to heal and activate young people and community members, particularly relating to the criminal system, structural violence, and historical trauma. Tatiana draws inspiration from diverse protest traditions, and is a regular collaborator with political theater collectives in her creative/second home of Kolkata, West Bengal.

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Cecilia Cissell Lucas teaches classes at UC Berkeley on Art and Activism, Education and Social Change, Community Reparations and Decolonization, and Global Poverty, works with the Richmond Progressive Alliance, the Interfaith Committee in Solidarity with the Movement for Black Life, and POOR Magazine, plays drums in the street with the women/trans group BoomShake.


Peter Dakota Molof is an actor, organizer, and trainer who lives in Oakland. He is from Portland, Oregon where he was born and raised. Peter works at Greenpeace and loves Border Collie/Jack Russel mix Harvey Milkbone.

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Diamond the Solid One is an educator, community leader and youth mentor. She is an arts activist who uses music to harness self expression and to create platforms for social awareness, personal transformation and to enhance community engagement. She has a degree in Criminal Justice, is working on her Masters in Education, and is passionate about the futures of our children, especially Black youth. 

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Scott Lettieri is an award winning broadcast journalist for KCBS radio in San Francisco focusing on social issues like Black Lives Matter and income inequality. Lettieri is also a novelist; his first book, Sinner’s Paradise sold out its only printing. Scott also has worked as an actor and performer for a number of San Francisco Bay Area based productions.  


Antoine Moore has a passion for individual, group, and community healing, having done various forms of human development or capacity building for 20 years. He is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Catalyst for Growth, a coaching, training, and consulting practice committed to helping individuals, groups, and organizations put their talents and strengths to best use.  He sees his life’s work as creating innovative spaces and discovering more refined and sophisticated ways to help the human (and non-human) family to grow and thrive at scale. 

 Tele'jon Quinn, Troupe Director,  is a political educator, facilitator, poet and Theater of the Oppressed Joker. He began working with his peers as a youth leader at 15 with the Mosaic Project. For two years he wrote and performed Spoken Word poetry with Youth Speaks about the struggles that come with being a young person and was an Oakland youth poet-laureate finalist.

Levana Saxon, Co-Director of Partners for Collaborative Change,  develops strategic methodology, curriculum, training and research projects to support movement building and popular education. Over the last 22 years she has trained and facilitated thousands of children, youth and adults to support work for climate justice, migrant rights, racial justice and Indigenous sovereignty.

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Aryeh Shell is the Director of Education and Training for Creative Action Institute, leading arts-based capacity building training for grassroots organizations throughout Africa, Central America and the US.  She is the founder of the Herstories Project, a feminist oral history theater project. She has M.A.s in Education and International Relations, and carries two decades of experience in cultural activism and popular education.

Zara Zimbardo is an interdisciplinary studies faculty in two BA completion programs, with a focus on critical media, anti-oppression and postcolonial studies, and co-founder of the the White Noise Collective.  For the last twenty years she has been a body-based therapist in private practice and community health centers.  She is a writer and presenter on the social construction of whiteness, Islamophobia, subversion of stereotypes in a time of war, social justice comedy, and the zombie apocalypse.