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PFCC is hiring for an ongoing part-time contract position to join our team - Applications due Oct. 12, 2018

Contract Position for a new Managing Coordinator: We are looking for someone to join our collective of consultants, while at the same time play a very special coordination role to facilitate and support the day to day work. This is an ongoing, part-time contract beginning as early as Oct 20 and no later than Feb 1. Pay is $50/hr, estimated at 20-40 hrs a month. The Managing Coordinator will also participate in our fee-for-service consulting, which is paid at a much higher consultant rate, as negotiated with a client. ($100-$250/hr.) We have a preference for the position to be based in Bay Area (location of the majority of the core member/founders); if in the Bay, ability to work in a co-working office in Oakland is encouraged and paid for. We are open to remote locations for applicants with a proven track record of remote support.

--------------------------Who we are--------------------------

Partners for Collaborative Change is an organization made up of a team of contracted artists, facilitators and consultants, committed to transformative social change. We offer technical assistance, training, coaching and curriculum to support organizations to authentically engage and partner with the communities they serve. Our theory and methodologies are rooted in Popular Education, Theatre of the Oppressed and Participatory Action Research. We support organizational and personal transformation through pedagogical practices that support the development of critical consciousness.

OUR PURPOSE is to drive systems change towards a world where human dignity and the planet are honored and respected. We do this primarily by supporting organizations to become more equitable through:

  • Democratizing research, planning and design, and

  • Facilitating and coaching for equity and accountability

We currently run ourselves (mostly) as a collective with two co-directors who manage day-to-day work. Our two co-directors are transitioning out of their role, and so we are shifting their responsibilities to a leadership team, which this position would lead and facilitate as a member of it. Along with our core team of six (which includes an Administrative Coordinator and Community Project Directors) we have five very active associates who will likely be joining our core, and a number of partners, educators and theatre practitioners we work with. We value horizontality and transparency in our budgets, systems and decision making, and in all things, we attempt to practice what we teach (i.e. equity, participation, democracy, respect, and play). We take on fee-for-service clients that financially subsidize our community-based projects in an attempt at accountability and “Robin Hooding”.

PFCC is a fiscally-sponsored project of the Social Good Fund. SGF is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions on the basis of merit and business needs. SGF does not unlawfully discriminate on the of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), gender identity or expression, national origin, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, legally protected medical condition, family care status, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation or identification, or any other basis protected by law. Women, People of Color, and LGBTQ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.



  • Arrange and facilitate team meetings, that often involve a consensus-based decision-making process, using zoom or occasionally in person.

  • Work with the leads for each client to ensure completion of contract deliverables, and support problem solving for strategic impact.

  • While separate from this particular contract, as stated above we hope that this person will additionally work with us in the field in our projects or with our clients (at a higher consultant rate) as project manager, coach, facilitator, trainer and/or curriculum writer.

  • Support drafting an occasional e-newsletter.

  • Help with client intake, scoping, and contract signing.


  • Work with team to successfully use the software, programs and processes we have in place (and find new ones as needed). These include an extensive google drive, TimeCamp, Slack, Zoom, our Project Management Protocols, Decision Making Protocols, Equity Pay Process, and Project Trackers.


  • Support the Administrative Coordinator in financial planning and budget management.

  • Work with administrative coordinator, clients, and other team members to facilitate effective work scoping, execution of contracts, and contract management.

  • Develop timelines for new funding prospects, facilitate team members in prioritization and decision-making in regards to grants and donor cultivation. Facilitate and lead on reporting to donors (we currently have only one major donor).

    --------------------------Job Qualifications--------------------------

The Managing Coordinator will be

  • Passionate about Popular Education, Liberatory Pedagogy, Theatre of the Oppressed, Participatory Action Research and/or consulting, training and coaching for Equity and Justice, with skills and experience in at least one of these disciplines/fields.

  • Organized: The Managing Coordinator must have the ability to organize materials, set priorities and be detail-oriented in supporting the project managers along with the day to day work of PFCC.

  • Self-directed & also Collaborative and Participatory: The Managing Coordinator must be able to take initiative, and be oriented towards working collaboratively; being a team player and listener with strong interpersonal skills, and ability to support other peoples’ authentic participation.

  • Communicative: This person must have excellent skills in all areas of personal, verbal, and written communications, with strong facilitation skills.

  • Tech Savvy: Knows or can learn Google spreadsheets, Timecamp, Slack, Mailchimp, Surveymonkey, Wunderlist and popular social media platforms.

--------------------------How to Apply--------------------------

To apply, please send a cover letter and a resume or CV to info@collabchange.org with the subject line Managing Coordinator. We will accept applications until Oct 12, 2018 and may only respond to applicants who we intend to interview.


Theatre of the Oppressed Upcoming Playshops


We invite you to dive into three traditions within the T.O. canon: body de-mechanization (embodied practice), Image Theatre, and Forum Theatre. You will experience them as generative, educational and strategic tools - with historical grounding in its origins of class analysis and class struggle, and for use in the current political moment.

JOKER TRAINING, November 10-11        Register by Nov 1  

You’ve experienced T.O. as a participant, attended playshops, perhaps even stepped up to lead a warm-up game every once in awhile. Now you’re ready to take things to the next level - come to hone your skills as a “Joker,” or Facilitator, of T.O.!

 In a deck of cards, the jokers do not belong to any suit, and can serve as a wildcard by shifting rank against others. In Theatre of the Oppressed, the Joker moves in between the actors and audience to probe, challenge, and support collective insight. By complicating or problematizing the situation that’s being presented, the Joker holds the group and opens pathways to realize how and when change can happen.  

In this training, you will have the opportunity to:

  • ask specific questions about how to apply T.O. exercises in your work;

  • practice your facilitation with active guidance from the trainers;

  • receive a written manual on T.O. facilitation; and

  • connect with others who are inspired by embodied, creative transformation of political struggle