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Theatre of the Oppressed Upcoming Playshops


We invite you to dive into three traditions within the T.O. canon: body de-mechanization (embodied practice), Image Theatre, and Forum Theatre. You will experience them as generative, educational and strategic tools - with historical grounding in its origins of class analysis and class struggle, and for use in the current political moment.

JOKER TRAINING, November 10-11        Register by Nov 1  

You’ve experienced T.O. as a participant, attended playshops, perhaps even stepped up to lead a warm-up game every once in awhile. Now you’re ready to take things to the next level - come to hone your skills as a “Joker,” or Facilitator, of T.O.!

 In a deck of cards, the jokers do not belong to any suit, and can serve as a wildcard by shifting rank against others. In Theatre of the Oppressed, the Joker moves in between the actors and audience to probe, challenge, and support collective insight. By complicating or problematizing the situation that’s being presented, the Joker holds the group and opens pathways to realize how and when change can happen.  

In this training, you will have the opportunity to:

  • ask specific questions about how to apply T.O. exercises in your work;

  • practice your facilitation with active guidance from the trainers;

  • receive a written manual on T.O. facilitation; and

  • connect with others who are inspired by embodied, creative transformation of political struggle