What We Offer



Curriculum 1: Coliberate: Creative community (and youth) led change.
Curriculum 2: Going Glocal: an inquiry-based approach to global education and planetary citizenship.


  • Basics: Curriculum, tailored webinar, coaching sessions

  • Essentials: Curriculum, Training for Trainers, coaching sessions

  • Comprehensive: Curriculum, advanced Training for Trainers, co-facilitation support, coaching sessions

Training & Coaching

Supporting groups to fully integrate Accountability, Equity and Racial Justice at every level of their organization through multiple strategies, tailored to your specific needs, including assessments, workshops and individual coaching.


  • Tailored 1-2 day group trainings

  • Equity coaching and support for staff members (can supplement broader equity and racial justice work)

Community Engagement

For groups who want to authentically partner with those who have a stake in their project. Community-led Assessment, planning and design.


  • Community Engagement project design, facilitation and/or coaching

  • Town-hall Meeting ideation, planning and execution through Forum Theatre

  • Authentic Community Engagement Trainings for facilitators

Stakeholder Convening

Supporting networks, foundations, designers, and government agencies to connect and collaborate with the people who have a stake in their project.


  • Project development and agenda design and facilitation

  • Convening evaluation and feedback integration